Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Assistive Technology for Learning

Maria Kelley, OTR/L Assistive Technology Specialist from WATAP demonstrates Clicker5 for Ryan while Jacob enjoys Dragon Naturally Speaking!

Maria will return to SISIUTL Friday April 25th, 2008 to meet individually with you to demonstrate available assistive technologies that might be helpful. Hear Jacob after using Dragon Naturally Speaking to "write" on the computer!

Call 379-1223 to book your hour appointment for Friday April 25th, 2008 --limited space!

WATAP ---Washington Assistive Technology Act Program--serves Washington residents of all ages with disabilities of all types, their families, employers, and employment service providers, educators, health care and social service providers, and others seeking information about assistive technology (AT) and assessible information technology.

Thank you to Jefferson County Literacy Council
for sponsoring
Maria's presentation on November 1, 2007
What? Why?
Assistive Technology for Learning!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Balametrics: Learning Breakthrough Program

In the early 1960’s, Dr. Frank Belgau, working in the classroom with children with reading problems, began carefully experimenting to see if he could find activities that made an immediate observable improvement in the children’s reading and academic performance. The procedure was simple and straight forward - the children read a passage orally, they did ten to fifteen minutes of motor skill sensory integration activity, and then read a different passage from the same story. He listened to and compared the two reading samples. He also asked the students to report any differences they observed themselves. He found activities that made a difference in reading and in vision.

In the above video, Dr. Belgau explains the basic principles in his Balametrics program.

Melinda asks Dr. Belgau to explain the principles of his balance board.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Delinquency or Disability?

This week on LD Live! I spoke with Ron Hume, Exec Director NCO Youth and Family Services, and chair of the LDA Committee on Justice about the high prevalence of ADHD and LD in youth who meet up with the juvenile justice system. While some parents are finding that the NCLB measures are insuring a higher level of education for their children with disabilities, (Washington Post article) we still have a long way to go in meeting the needs of students with learning difficulties.

Benna Golubtchik, Senior Faculty Advisor Teachers Network, posts several ideas for creating more multi-sensory classrooms, and she tells students not to ask how smart they are, but ask, "How am I smart?" Watch video! How are you smart?

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

LDA Interview: Mobility International and Show Updates

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I spoke with Melissa Mitchell last week at the LDA National Conference - she had a booth representing Mobility International- FYI - thought it sounded quite interesting - they had a youth summer leadership camp in Costa Rica this summer for students ates 18 - 24 I think - For all types of folks with all types of disabilities or who know someone well with a disability - so, sibling, close friend, etc -

FYI - I will be LIVE on air tomorrow morning - Wed, March 5 - at 9 am PST - at 9:00 interviewing Deborah Meier, leader in the field of education, author of several books,--and one of a host of presenters at the Teaching and Learning Celebration which runs this Friday and Saturday in NY, NY

Then at 9:30 (PST) , I'll be interviewing the VP of WNET, Ronald Thorpe - channel 13 public TV New York - to discuss their upcoming Teaching and Learning Celebration which begins Friday in NY NY - !! So, if you have questions or ideas for these guests, be sure to listen or chat in! Show will re-run Friday morning at 9 am (PST)

You can always listen to saved shows, as podcasts, and sign up for notices of upcoming shows, through the link on the sidebar at LD Live!