Tuesday, March 04, 2008

LDA Interview: Mobility International and Show Updates

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I spoke with Melissa Mitchell last week at the LDA National Conference - she had a booth representing Mobility International- FYI - thought it sounded quite interesting - they had a youth summer leadership camp in Costa Rica this summer for students ates 18 - 24 I think - For all types of folks with all types of disabilities or who know someone well with a disability - so, sibling, close friend, etc -

FYI - I will be LIVE on air tomorrow morning - Wed, March 5 - at 9 am PST - at 9:00 interviewing Deborah Meier, leader in the field of education, author of several books,--and one of a host of presenters at the Teaching and Learning Celebration which runs this Friday and Saturday in NY, NY

Then at 9:30 (PST) , I'll be interviewing the VP of WNET, Ronald Thorpe - channel 13 public TV New York - to discuss their upcoming Teaching and Learning Celebration which begins Friday in NY NY - !! So, if you have questions or ideas for these guests, be sure to listen or chat in! Show will re-run Friday morning at 9 am (PST)

You can always listen to saved shows, as podcasts, and sign up for notices of upcoming shows, through the link on the sidebar at LD Live!


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