Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Gifts of ADHD

Dr. Ned Hallowell and Dr. Kenny Handelman's "Unwrapping the Gift of ADD" series, is in the fourth evening tonight, 5 - 6 PM PST. You can listen in tonight and next Monday through Thursday evenings through your computer for free. After next week the shows are only available for a fee.

So far, the conversations have proved interesting. Very positive look at the benefits and gifts that can accompany ADHD, especially as one learns to use them. Good info for parents and teachers working to nurture children.

For instance, to quote Dr. Hallowell "Creativity is impulsivity gone RIGHT!"

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Unwrapping The Gift Of ADD

Part 1: Dr. Kenny Handelman flies down to visit Dr. Edward Hallowell in 'The Hallowell Center' in Sudbury, MA. They discuss Unwrapping The Gift of ADD, a free teleseminar series that features "8 of the TOP EXPERTS in the field of ADD.

The Unwrapping The Gift Of ADD website went live today at 12 pm EDT, 9 am PST! Check it out and download a free copy of Find the Genius in ADD - Moving beyond the moral and medical models of ADD to a Strength-Based Diagnosis!

Part 2: Dr. Kenny Handelman flies down to visit Dr. Edward Hallowell in 'The Hallowell Center' in Sudbury, MA.

Yes, children with ADD/ADHD may require more effort to get out the door in the morning with all needed items intact, and may require more innovative and energetic educational opportunities! But the Dr.'s note that with impulsivity can come "thinking and acting outside the box" which can lead to innovation. They note creativity is often wrapped together with ADD! Inspirational and helpful information for parents, adults with ADHD, teachers, counselors, therapists, doctors...!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Claymation on Learning to Read!

Check out the videos from Lab School in Washington and others! Re: on learning to read and other dilemmas! On LD Online....Reading Rocks: From Zero to Hero!

Project Eye To Eye

Check out this innovative mentoring program! Project Eye to Eye links adults who have LD/ADHD with students who have LD/ADHD. Listen to a conversation with Co-founder and Executive Director, David Flink, on LD Live!

Combining mentoring, advocacy, art, parent support, and professional development for teachers, Project Eye to Eye tells it like it is! and empowers participants to drop the deficit model of LD and embrace the empowerment model of living with LD and ADHD.Project Eye to Eye Video

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Effective Advocacy!

Check out this excellent LD Online article by Rick Lavoie on keeping your focus on the student's needs. While written for special education teachers, his tips are good for everyone advocating for children in the schools.

Fighting the Good Fight: How to Advocate for Your Students Without Losing Your Job

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Read How You Want

Read How You Want Founder Christopher Stephen has degrees in Mathematics, Physics, Economics and Law from the University of Sydney. Starting as an interest in finding ways to help his sister continue to enjoy reading as the effects of her multiple sclerosis progressed, Read How You Want has developed into a unique company that offers the capability to print documents and books in all kinds of individualized formats, including large and atypical print formats, braille, audio and e-books.

Listen to an interview with Melinda on LD Live!

New Audio Tool! Odiogo Listen Button

Cool new tool! Just click on the Odiogo Web 2.0 "Listen Button'" on each blog entry to hear the post read aloud!

The free service can be added to a variety of blogs. What a cool tool for teachers who use blogs for posting work for students. Now, every post can have the added support of audio in addition to the printed text!

Be sure to let me know how this works for you!