Friday, April 11, 2008

Claymation on Learning to Read!

Check out the videos from Lab School in Washington and others! Re: on learning to read and other dilemmas! On LD Online....Reading Rocks: From Zero to Hero!


Dale Brown said...

Thanks so much for telling people about LD OnLine and linking to our video and the Positive Side of LD.

We enjoy your blog

Melinda said...

Thanks Dale! My pleasure ---I'm glad you are enjoying our blog! I am having so much fun connecting through this blog and through conversations on LD Live! I've been sending folks to LD Online ever since you started and often begin my research at your site!

I'm truly excited to help create momentum that focuses on the "normalcy" of having LD or ADHD or other "disabilities" and I hope we are moving toward empowerment/strength based models and away from deficit models of being humans together.