Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Effective Advocacy!

Check out this excellent LD Online article by Rick Lavoie on keeping your focus on the student's needs. While written for special education teachers, his tips are good for everyone advocating for children in the schools.

Fighting the Good Fight: How to Advocate for Your Students Without Losing Your Job


Dale Brown said...

Thanks so much for letting people know about Rick Lavoie's article "Fighting the Good Fight". We asked him to write the article, because so many teacher pulled me aside and asked me the question this article answers. So if you are a parent, please consider sharing it with your teacher!

And if you are a teacher, please read it and add other suggestiions to your colleagues on this blog.

We like our articles to start discusison, we don't want to be the final word (smile).

Melinda said...

Teachers and parents have the opportunity to develop another art--- the art of advocacy. Rick's article gives encouragement and specific, useful strategies. Thanks for asking him to write on advocacy, Dale.

As we observe our children's struggles, all of a sudden we find ourselves tackling institutions that are made up of daily personal interactions...the more we learn, the stronger the moral imperative to speak up!

I always think,...we could all be having more fun learning together if we tried this....