Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Learning Connections: Insights on ADHD-LD

Join the conversation on LD and ADHD. Check out my new Seattle Post-Intelligencer Reader Blog Learning Connections: Insights on ADHD/LD

What's up in the field of education and learning? I will post interviews with innovators from education, science, learning disabilities, ADHD, and technology. The focus will be on how to create successful environments for all learners.

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dana said...

I have just read your article "dyslexia and high school" and couldn't agree more on the simple ways we can make learning easier for those that struggle with language based learning difficulties. My daughter's difficulties were accurately represented in this article, although she is in middle school where some of the accomodations that would help her learn are clearly missing. Her progress is slow and effortful. In addition, because she doesn't have a diagnosis of dyslexia, but "communication impaired" the broadness of the classification makes it harder to target her needs.
We live in the Northeast and are desperately seeking schools that teach the way the Sisiuti Center teaches. We are having a difficult time putting together an IEP bc most schools, including private will not accomodate all of the supports you mentioned in the article that are needed for our daughter to learn. Any resources or advice would be appreciated.