Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Cyd Imel, Executive Director of the LDA of WA

Cyd Imel is the Executive Director of the LDA of Washington. She brings with her experience with ADAWashington issues in the learning disabled community, both as a disabled person and a professional. She has authored three nationally recognized curriculums on social skills development for LD/ADHD adolescent and adults. Cyd has provided training nationally and internationally for 14 years in this field. She works with employers and employees dealing on workplace accommodations.

As an adolescent with an undiagnosed learning disability and attention deficit disorder, Cyd spent time in trouble with school and the law. "It was better to be bad than stupid. This is an uncomfortable world to be in when you have a learning disability and/or attention deficit disorder. It was better for me to get in trouble with my teachers and the law than it was to appear stupid to my peers." Diagnosed at age 35 as dyslexic and having attention deficit disorder, Cyd has successfully completed her education process and is a Certified Criminal Justice Specialist and Registered Counselor. She has worked for the Learning Disabilities Association of since 1987.

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