Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Live with Francinne Lawrence!

Francinne Lawrence, MRE, MSW, LICSW is a well–seasoned professional with 25 years experience working with non–profit organizations serving persons with mental illness and their families. While Francinne has worked with charitable agencies and faith–based initiatives on the national, state, and local levels, her involvement with Attention Deficit Disorder Resources is especially gratifying because it allows her to combine her professional work with her personal experiences.

As a parent and former spouse to persons with ADHD, Francinne knows first hand, the challenges that face not only the individual with the diagnosis, but their loved ones. Francinne is an Alumnus of The University of Maryland Graduate School of Social Work and The Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary at Wake Forest, N.C. Francinne has employed her skills as an adjunct professor at Louisiana State University Graduate School of Social Work where she taught non–profit management and group facilitation. An advocate by nature, Francinne has enjoyed her involvement with Federal and State advocacy campaigns affecting mental health systems reform.

Francinne happily resides with her husband in Maple Valley, WA. She is the mother of three spirited and diverse young women who are in college preparing for their own careers. Francinne is an avid swimmer and lover of nature. She enjoys getting together with her daughters for adventures in the wild outdoors and long slow walks with her aged Australian Shepherd.

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